How can it benefit my agency?

Public health agencies

  • Increasing access to healthcare and treatment in the community has the potential to improve health outcomes, reduce emergency room visits, lower risks of death, diminish health problems, enhance public safety, and reduce recidivism.
  • Providing public health agencies with access to release dates, prescriptions, and other essential information for people leaving justice facilities can increase the likelihood that people who are re-entering the community will continue to receive care and rely less on costly emergency healthcare services.

Criminal justice organizations

  • When criminal justice agencies have access to someone’s health information, they can quickly and efficiently identify whether the person has behavioral health needs that require treatment.
  • Law enforcement agencies, courts, probation and parole departments, jails, and prisons can use health information to make intelligent decisions about which people are eligible to participate in drug courts, receive alternatives to incarceration, and enter into specialized treatment programs.

 Benefits to justice and healthcare providers