B. Set the Parameters

Information sharing agreements (or memoranda of understanding) set the parameters and specifications of an information sharing arrangement between agencies. These documents help solidify interagency collaborations by explicitly documenting the shared purpose of data sharing, defining individual and collective responsibilities of the participating agencies, and setting a planned course of action to monitor implementation and address conflicts that may arise. An initial agreement between partner agencies can also provide the foundation for more detailed legal documents describing the type of information that will be shared, in what circumstances, and the protections required to safeguard against unauthorized disclosure of protected information (see Module 3 on legal and ethical regulations).

Components of Information sharing agreement. No Hyphen

Examples of Justice-Health Information Sharing Agreements

Click here for an agreement between state health and justice agencies for sharing confidential substance use, mental health, and primary health care information to promote the coordination of care for people treated in Connecticut’s publicly funded behavioral health system.

Click here to access an information sharing agreement between the Texas Department of Criminal Justice, the Health and Human Services Commission, Community Mental Health and Mental Retardation Centers, and Community Supervision and Corrections Departments

Kings County, Washington
Click here to access a sample interagency agreement on information sharing produced by the King County Systems Integration Initiative to coordinate services for children and families involved in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

Search the JH Connect Resource Library for more information-sharing agreements.